Certificates in Humanitarian Policy and Practice

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09 May 2011 to 17 June 2011
University of Witswatersrand, School of Public & Development Management, Johannesburg
Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) South Africa

Wits University's Graduate School of Public and Development Management, in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. The multi-disciplinary programmes take a regional focus on tackling humanitarian issues across Africa and are designed and taught by experts from leading Organisations and Academic Institutions such as ICRC, UNHCR, Oxfam, MSF, UNAIDS, and professors from LSTM and Wits University.

The Certificate in Humanitarian Policy and the Certificate in Humanitarian Practice can be studied as stand-alone programmes or consecutively one after the other, with the possibility to convert the two into a Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Wits P&DM will award a Certificate in Humanitarian Policy to students who successfully complete Weeks 1-3 and a Certificate in Humanitarian Practice for successful completion of Weeks 4 - 6. Students completing the 6 week course will be eligible to sit the examination for the Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Or participants can choose to attend the first or second 3 weeks.

Who are they designed for?
The programme is designed for practitioners such as NGO Workers, Government staff, Staff of Multilaterals such as the UN, the Media, Civil society, Donors and persons wishing to enter the humanitarian field.

What are the entry requirements?:
University degree or equivalent professional qualification/experience, with particular emphasis on recruitment of applicants from across Africa. There is space for between 10 - 15 people from any one organisation/department, particularly targeting senior staff from across the African region. There will be a maximum of about 48 students on the programme.

When and where are the programmes offered?
Certificate in Humanitarian Policy: 09 May 2011 - 27 May 2011
Certificate in Humanitarian Practice: 30 May 2011 - 17 June 2011

How much does it cost?
The costs are as follows:
Certificate in Humanitarian Policy: R13, 000
Certificate in Humanitarian Practice: R15, 500
Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance: R5, 500 extra following completion of the previous 2 certificates and a Diploma final exam.

How do i apply or find out more?
Please email: boitumelo.molefe2@wits.ac.za / bridget_steffen@yahoo.co.uk or phone 011 717 3103 / 011 717 3583 at Wits P&DM for further information and application forms. You can also download the application form and get more information here.