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21 June 2016 to 22 June 2016


Global Partnership Initiatives (GPIs) are voluntary initiatives led by different types of development actors (e.g. national governments, international organisations, civil society organisations, trade unions, parliamentarians, local and regional governments, foundations, private sector) that are committed to advance specific commitments for effective development co-operation, as well as make progress in new and innovative areas of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (GPEDC). They regroup Busan Building Blocks (launched at the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, Busan, 2011) and Mexico Voluntary Initiatives (launched at the 1st GPEDC High-Level Meeting, Mexico City, 2014). Through their efforts, they translate agreements reached at the global level into action and impact on the ground.

The latest GPEDC reports “Update on Global Partnership Initiatives” (July 2015 and January 2016) showed the important progress GPIs are making, stimulating innovative actions and promoting results in areas such as: strengthening developing country ownership; building inclusive partnerships; focusing on results and promoting mutual accountability; conducting transparent and responsible development co-operation; advancing gender equality; promoting development in situations of conflict and fragility; and mobilising and ensuring coherence with flows beyond official development assistance.

The GPEDC aims to support GPIs’ activities by serving as a platform for sharing their results, promoting mutual learning, increasing co-operation, and effectively upscaling GPIs work. Among other activities, the GPEDC organised the “Planning Workshop: Strengthening Co-operation to Deliver Results” in January 2015 in Brussels, co-hosted by the European Commission, the NEPAD Agency Africa Platform for Development Effectiveness, and the Asia-Pacific Regional Development Effectiveness Facility. This workshop helped to strengthen communication and linkages between different GPIs and the broader GPEDC community.

Today, many GPIs already collaborate with each other and provide evidence, insights and contributions to several GPEDC activities (e.g. GPEDC meetings and GPEDC monitoring exercise). However, there is still much potential for further collaboration among GPIs, greater linkages between GPIs and broader GPEDC work and increased synergies between GPIs and country-level implementation efforts.