National Advocacy Workshop and Stakeholder Engagement on the African Platform for Development Effectiveness - Cameroon

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13 August 2012 to 14 August 2012
Contact information: 

Bob Kalanzi - NEPAD Agency
Tel: +27 11 256 3683

Africa Platform/Pan-African Institute For Development

Background and Rationale

The African Platform for Development Effectiveness (APDev) is a hemispheric forum, both virtual and real, policymakers and experts, which promotes strategies to achieve tangible results and sustainable development in African countries. APDev is driven capacity building and promotes the achievement of African development through the exchange of good practice, with particular emphasis on South-South cooperation and financing for development, linking it with the aid effectiveness.

APDev the platform was approved by the 15th Assembly of the African Union (AU) in July 2010. It is jointly coordinated by the AU Commission and NEPAD Agency. These two institutions have formally launched the French portal of APDev in March 2012 in Addis Ababa on the sidelines of the 5th Joint Meeting of the Conference of Ministers of Economy and Finance of the African Union and the Conference of African Ministers Finance, Planning and Economic Development of the ECA. Thus within the building Communities of Practice (CoP), NEPAD and the AU Commission organized on 22 and 23 March in Addis Ababa, the Regional Workshop for exchange and sharing Knowledge of French-speaking countries, which brought together about 30 delegates from 9 countries representatives of Government, Academic and research, civil society, Parliament and development partners including the World Bank Institute, the Pan African Institute Development (IPD) and GIZ (German Cooperation).

The workshop in Addis Ababa has allowed the various stakeholders to discuss the priorities of the Strategic Framework for Capacity Development (CSCD) and engage players in a process of national ownership of the concept of development effectiveness in the context provided by the platform of APDev. Thus some areas of priority actions at national, regional and continental levels, were selected, and practical arrangements to facilitate the implementation of APDev. Also, as part of the implementation of CSDC, the University of Pretoria, the African Forum on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) and development partners, African standards of mutual responsibility were developed and the draft Case Study on Transformational Leadership in Africa. An expert panel of NEPAD was held in Pretoria in July 2012 to reflect on the project leadership and responsibility at home.

At the national level, it seems necessary to involve all development actors (political leaders and operational base communities, parliamentarians, civil society and private sector), to organize awareness sessions and training, to ensure communication , to establish a core focal points APDev, monitor and evaluate the implementation of good practices in countries and to establish the exchange with universities nationally. Similarly, a framework for implementing the standards of the "Domestic Responsibility" and "Transformational Leadership" needs to be retained.

It is in this perspective that the IPD organizes a national workshop to raise awareness and mobilization of stakeholders in the African Platform for development effectiveness in order to initiate the establishment of a Community of Practice (CoP) in Cameroon and to promote ownership of the Platform APDev nationally, and to define the framework of implementation of domestic responsibility and transformational leadership.

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