Regional Sustainable Energy for ALL (SE4ALL) Technical Sessions, 22-26 April 2013, Gaberone

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22 April 2013 to 26 April 2013
Gaborone, Botswana.
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Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL)
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Sustainable Energy for All: Significant progress was made in 2012 with the engagement of African countries with the UN Secretary General’s initiative on Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL). The initiative is aimed at mobilizing action from governments, the private sector, and civil society around three objectives all to be reached by 2030:

  1. Ensuring universal access to modern energy services
  2. Doubling the rate of improvement in energy efficiency
  3. Doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix

The SE4ALL process encompasses four steps: i) Country Opt-In; ii) Stock-taking and Gap Analysis; iii) National Action Plans; iv) Implementation and Monitoring. The focus of the first half of 2012 leading up to Rio+20 was on the first two steps. At Rio+20 more than 50 governments globally had signed up; UNDP has provided technical support to 16 of 22 African countries in undertaking the SE4ALL gap analyses.

NPCA/UNDP Workshop, Nairobi, September 2012: The NEPAD Agency NPCA and UNDP in collaboration with AUC organized a workshop held in Nairobi, 19-21 September 2012 which outlined Africa’ Response to SE4ALL and established the principles and activities for the development and implementation of the SE4ALL initiative in Africa. These were reflected in the workshop recommendations:

  • UNDP to undertake SE4ALL Gap Analyses in all SSA countries
  • NPCA and UNDP are requested to develop the Africa Guidelines for SE4ALL Action Plans;
  • NPCA and UNDP are requested to develop an Africa Sustainable Charcoal Framework as an implementation component of the AUC/UNECA Africa Bioenergy Framework.

CEMA Resolution, November 2012: In November 2012 The Council of Energy Ministers of Africa endorsed the recommendations of the September Nairobi workshop and further requested AUC, NPCA and AfDB to coordinate the implementation of SE4ALL initiative in Africa guided by the Nairobi September workshop recommendations.

SE4ALL Gap Analyses: In line with the Nairobi workshop recommendation and CEMA resolution UNDP is supporting all Sub Saharan Africa countries which have requested to begin the process of engagement with SE4ALL and undertake a gap analysis in the course of 2013. That process is now well underway. In undertaking national level gap analyses, countries signal their engagement with the SE4ALL process and will move the next stage of developing Action Plans.

SE4ALL GFT Team Meeting, Tunis, November 2012: The Tunis meetings discussed investment readiness of the 26 African countries which had opted in to the SE4ALL initiative by that date; innovative financing instruments; the establishment of a SE4ALL African Coordination Hub; and request from the GFT CEO to UNDP to develop a decentralized/ Bottom-up strategy.

  • NPCA/UNDP Workshop, Nairobi, December 2012: NEPAD Agency NPCA and UNDP in collaboration with AUC organized a follow up workshop in Nairobi in December 2012. The workshop considered the previous Nairobi workshop’ recommendations, the CEMA resolution, and the Tunis deliberations, and made the following recommendations.
  • African Guidelines for SE4ALL Action Plans: NPCA and UNDP to update the document according to the inputs of the workshop working groups and to arrange for an African Experts Workshop to validate the updated document. Also, to ensure its adoption by the highest political level on the continent.
  • African Sustainable Charcoal Framework. NPCA and UNDP coordinate the review and finalization of the African Sustainable Charcoal Framework, reflecting the inputs from the Workshop Working Groups and through validation by African experts; AUC/NPCA report to the next AU Summit on the development the Africa Sustainable Charcoal Framework in the context of the implementation of the African Bioenergy Policy Guidelines.
  • SE4ALL Coordination Hub. Establish an African SE4ALL Coordinating Structure hosted by AfDB and governed by AUC, NPCA and AFDB. The relationship between the operation’ structure of the hub with RECs, specialized institutions, civil societies, UN Agencies, Private Sectors, national focal points should be strengthened in the functioning of the hub.
  • Decentralized/Bottom-Up Strategy. Highlight the importance of striking a reasonable balance between centralized and decentralized energy solutions in realizing the overall SE4ALL objectives, and encourage provisions of incentives to enable development of decentralized renewable energy systems.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Finalize the Africa SE4ALL Guidelines for national Action Plans
    The last workshop provided input and comments on the draft Guidelines. These have been incorporated into a final draft for review by SE4ALL stakeholders in Gaborone. Once finalized, the Guidelines will go to the AU Heads of State and Governments for consideration.
  2. Finalize the Africa Sustainable Charcoal Framework
    The December SE4ALL workshop reviewed the draft Africa Sustainable Charcoal Framework. Comments were made by the workshop working groups. These comments were passed to the consultant for inclusion in a revised version of the document. The Gaborone SE4ALL workshop will review and provide inputs to the revised document and produce a final document to be reported to the next meeting of AU Heads of States and Governments.
  3. Finalize the Africa Decentralized/Bottom-Up Strategy.
    In response to the GFT request, UNDP produced a draft concept note on the Global Strategy for the development of Decentralized/Bottom-Up Solutions. In consultations with African Institutions, the need for the development of an African Strategy and implementation plan of the Decentralized/Bottom-Up Solutions was expressed. The Gaborone workshop will consider and provide further input to a draft document on the African Strategy for the decentralized/Bottom-Up Solutions.