Research for change: nopoor brainstorming session at the European Development Days (EDDs) in Brussels

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03 June 2015
Room B2, Tour and Taxis, Avenue du Port - Havenlaan 86c, B-1000 Brussels
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Contact: Michael Anranter/Oikodrom – The Vienna Institute for Urban Sustainability,, Tel.: +43-1-984 23 51

European Union (EU)
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What is nopoor?

nopoor is a EU funded research project involving over 100 scientists during five years, investigating new research ideas and using innovative methods to understand poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America –

Why join the European Development Days?

The EDDs are the largest EU development event of the year, a great occasion for discussion, exchange and new insights into poverty alleviation - "

Why is the nopoor session an interesting event for me?

If you are interested in evidence-based advice related to poverty eradication – whether you are a political decision maker or a development worker, a programme manager or a consultant working for an NGO, a representative of a governmental institution or of an international organisation – then you are at the right place in our session.

What’s the brainstorming session about?

In this energetic and interactive session, nopoor researchers and stakeholders discuss results from the nopoor project and how these scientific results can be translated into action. The setting of the discussion will be the EU’s Global Partnership for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development after 2015 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Decent Work - Kirsten Sehnbruch, Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile.
nopoor research: compares the parallel development of the quality of employment measures in the European Union with the ILO’s Decent Work agenda. Concludes that the former has advanced much further but that "decent work" remains a very broadly defined concept, and is difficult to evaluate across countries.

Trade - Fatou Cissé, Consortium pour la Recherche Economique et Sociale, Dakar. nopoor research: contributes to the understanding of the impacts on West African countries (ECOWAS) of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on Merchandising. The project assesses the short, medium and long-term impacts for ECOWAS in terms of economic growth, external trade, public finances and poverty.

Empowerment - Heidi Dumreicher, OIKODROM – The Vienna Institute for Urban Sustainability, Vienna.
nopoor research: identifies the major facts and structures for empowering women. This empirical work shows beneficiaries of aid projects as actors of their present and future lives, with scenarios in a medium and long-term perspective. The women show strategies in threats like environmental burdens, domestic violence or precarious work conditions, and in opportunities like caring for the next generation or healing the earth.

Inequality - Xavier Oudin, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences, Hanoi.
nopoor research: why does a policy fail to reduce poverty significantly among the ethnic minorities that are in most need of support? One of the case studies for this issue is Vietnam, where there is a large gap between those who are working in the formal and the informal sector.

Employment subsidy schemes - Basudeb Chaudhuri, Faculté de Sciences Economiques et de Gestion, Université de Caen Basse Normandie.
nopoor research: looks at the poverty alleviation by exploring the debate between targeted versus universal policies. It concentrates on the case of the NREGA employment subsidy scheme in India and highlights the debate between the ideas of targeting poverty with specific measures, as opposed to universal measures, such as public goods of uniform quality.

Led by Edgar Aragón from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico, the session concludes with a discussion of policy implications for the EU and for the nopoor project, based on the feedback from participants.

Session Moderator: Nick Ishmael Perkins, SciDev.Net

How can I participate to the Brainstorming Session?
In order to participate, please create an account and register on the EDD website:

You need to register by May 18th.

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