The Africa Platform for Development Effectiveness (APDev) brings consultation, coordination and a common voice to Africa's development perspectives, positions, strategies and policies focusing on Capacities for Change, Financing for Development and South-Southern Partnerships for Impact. Development Effectiveness, in the African context focuses on the achievement of results that positively impact on people's lives and societies in a sustainable way. This is by strengthening capacities to manage and promote their own human well-being through coherent development policies.

This is the overarching structural transformation development objective of Africa today as expressed in AU Agenda 2063, NEPAD (www.nepad.org) and the global 2030 Agenda. In supporting the continent’s transformative agenda, the APDev is primarily premised on inclusive partnerships, transformative capacities and sustainable financing for development. Overall, the effective use of both domestic resources and external financing for the achievement of national and regional development goals is a key objective. 


  • African Union Commission (www.auc.int);  Member States, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), Civil Society, Private Sector, Parliamentary Groupings, Women and Youth Groupings, Academia and Development Partners.
  • The Africa Platform for Development Effectiveness is coordinated by the African Union’s NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency (NPCA).

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