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Case Studies

World Bank Institute
1.   This report presents a review of current practices on the disclosure of information on PPP projects and contracts from 11 jurisdictions at the national and sub-national level...
Tommaso Balbo Di Vinadio, Priyanka Sinha, and Paramjit Sachdeva | The World Bank
Ownership of development goals and priorities by local stakeholders is widely viewed as a critical factor impacting achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and other development outcomes. It...
Morgen Gomo and Albert Jaure | SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
SNV Zimbabwe has a long history, having started operations in 1983, moving from a model of institution embedded volunteers to implementation and then advisory services by 2002. During this period,...
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
Since 2007, UNICEF is mobilizing resources and providing technical assistance to DRC government to implement the ‘Healthy Village and school program’. Currently, this program is funded by DFID, JICA...
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Capacity WORKS is GTZ’s management model for sustainable development. It helps provide answers to the following questions: How does GTZ make an effective contribution toward capacity development, and...
Mr Arshak Hovanesian | Synergy International Systems
The Development Assistance Database (DAD) Community of Practice (CoP) is a global forum of practitioners whose shared goal is to advance development effectiveness through the smart and sustainable...
NEPAD Agency and UNDP
Terms of Reference: Preparation of a Case-studyCONSULTANT: Preparation of a Case-studyNEPAD AGENCY, in collaboration with UNDP, under the framework of the Africa Platform for Development...
Xavier Furtado (Coordinator, Protection of Basic Services Secretariat) and Matthew Hobson (Coordinator, Productive Safety Nets Programme Donor Coordination Team) | United Kingdom Department of International Development (DFID)
Each indicator is then followed by an elaboration of how the two largest multi-donor funded aid programmes in Ethiopia --- the Protection of Basic Services (PBS) Project and Productive Safety Nets...
Samiu Babalola | Panapress
Nigeria's Technical Aid Corps (TAC) scheme is one of the best examples of a successful South-South cooperation, which countries within the region need to build upon to foster bilateral...
Tom Woodhatch, Alessandra Casazza, Brian Lucas, Frans Werter (eds.) | Learning Network on Capacity Development (LenCD)
This publication is a collection of 15 short case stories illustrating how endogenous investments in capacity development have led to sustainable development outcomes in a wide variety of countries...