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Case Studies

Mamadou Gaye | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
The Italian NGO LVIA (Lay Volunteers International Association) had been working in Senegal since 1981 installing wind-powered community water pumps in rural villages. Michel Tine, a local man, had...
African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)
Since 1986, Uganda has made substantial progress in promoting good governance at the political and economic fronts. As indicated in the Country Review Report, the country recorded sustained...
Afua A. Kufuor | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
Private sector development is said to be critical for employment creation, growth and development of Africa (Kurokawa et al 2008). The development of small and medium enterprises (SME’s) is...
Denis Ouedraogo | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
This study deals with the perception and attitudes of enterprises' managers regarding sustainable development. The objectives of the study are: to analyze the practices of corporate managers in...
David Knopp and Ken Smarzik | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
Small-holder farmers in the developing world have traditionally been locked out of high value markets due to the familiar challenges of poor quality, small volumes, and inconsistent supply. The spot-...
Wagema G Mukiri | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
The existing knowledge on the factors that can enhance the likelihood of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) to access credit from banks is inconclusive. This limits the theoretical and practical...
Matanda Margaret | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
Access to new markets remains a major challenge to the performance of small scale earthenware manufacturers in Kenya. While several factors that may affect the likelihood of small enterprises to...
George Mbugua | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
This paper highlights some of the findings of a study carried out by the author on the relationship between enterprise based training and enterprise growth, productivity and enterprise innovativeness...
Gitile Naituli, Francis N Wegulo, Bertha Kaimenyi | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
The role of the micro and small-scale enterprises (MSEs) sector in the development process has been at the center of development debate for the last three decades in Kenya and elsewhere in...
D Damary Sikalieh and James Kaburu | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
The purpose of this study was to investigate governance practices in Financial Services Associations (FSAs), more specifically, the roles of the outreach model, Board of Directors, Shareholders and...