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Case Studies

Tomola M. Obamuyi | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
This paper assesses the impact of Nigeria's financial liberalisation policy for fostering private sector development. Relevant data relating to the influence of the policy on macroeconomic ...
Patrick Muthama Kilonzo | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
This study focuses on options for enhancing the performance of youth-run-enterprises (YRE) in Kenya. Conclusions reached by the study are: that perceptions and environmental influences are...
Matanda Margaret | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
There is some emerging evidence that entrepreneurial orientation leads to the adoption of radical product innovations particularly in small enterprises. However, few studies have attempted to...
Anayo Nkamnebe | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
As a typical sub-Sahara Africa (SSA), Nigeria represents one of the many paradoxes of development in which case the nation is rich (being one of the largest exporters of crude oil in the...
Courtenay Sprague | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
Amanz' abantu means 'water for the people' in Xhosa, Ndebele and Zulu. Amanz' Abantu Services, Ltd., established as a private South African company in 1997, aimed to provide water supply and...
Courtenay Sprague and Stu Woolman | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
In a conservative investment climate, Stephen Saad saw opportunity, and in a reparative health policy environment, he saw need. The opportunity: to build a major pharmaceutical manufacturer capable...
Winifred N.Karugu and Diane Nduta Kanyagia | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
Of Uganda's 21 million people, more than 2 million live in small towns with poor water supplies. Most people in these towns are low income, and their lack of water aggravates poverty and encourages...
Juana de Catheu | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
Celtel International - the leading pan-African mobile communications group, with operations in 15 countries - entered the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2000, when the civil war was still raging. It...
Winifred N.Karugu | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
To prevent needless deaths and illnesses such as malaria and diarrhoea by sustainably improving access to essential medicines, an American lawyer and a Kenyan pharmacist founded the HealthStore...
Farid Baddache | UNPD: Growing Inclusive Markets
After decades of violence and segregation during the Apartheid era, South Africa was recovering and establishing an inclusive society based on equal rights and opportunities for all. For decades,...