Africa's response to the global partnership proposals: Second Post-Busan Interim Group meeting

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This document presents Africa’s collective response to the proposals on the new Global Partnership (GP) governance structure and monitoring mechanism as circulated through the OECD/UNDP Joint Secretariat, in furtherance of the Busan HLF-4 outcomes.

Under the auspices of the African Union and through the Africa Platform for Development Effectiveness (APDEv), Continental stakeholders have aggregated their view points on the GP for submission to the 2nd Post-Busan Interim Group (PBIG) meeting in April 2012. The Continent’s response covers the following areas of the GP:

  1. Functions and Governance structure
  2. Monitoring and mechanism; and
  3. Role of regional organizations (ROs).

The specific inclusion of ROs is based on the conclusion drawn by the Joint Secretariat that there was no agreement among PBIG members on this aspect. Specific recommendations on ROs are therefore provided in this submission.