Concept note and programmes for the Francophone APDev CoP Meeting and the AUC/NEPAD Post-Busan Technical Working Group, Comprehensive report of the APDev CoP Meeting

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Publication Date: 
07 September 2012
Alain Akpadji

Purpose/objective of mission was to: 

  • Organize/facilitate the meeting of the francophone Community of Practice (CoP) on the Africa Platform for the Development Effectiveness (APDev);
  • Participate in the Colloquium and Congress “Africa’s Decade of Change: Accelerating NEPAD implementation through Domestic Financing” (NEPAD’s 10 year anniversary) and organize the official launch of the francophone CoP on the APDev web portal;
  • Support the NEPAD/AUC for the preparation of the State of Capacity Development in Africa Report;
  • Participate/support the meeting of the AUC/NEPAD Post-Busan Technical Working Group.

Brief summary of mission findings:

  • Francophone CoP meeting: Organize and facilitate a workshop for knowledge exchange and the development of a francophone space of CoP of APDev with the NEPAD/AUC. 30 participants from 9 francophone countries in Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, DRC, Rwanda and Senegal) met and discussed their post Busan priorities and defined an action plan for APDev, which will support them in the implementation of the ‘development effectiveness’ agenda and ensure national ownership of APDev at the country level.
  • NEPAD colloquium: The colloquium/congress served to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of NEPAD. It was attended by a number of high level representatives of African countries, civil society and the international development community, and provided for candid exchange on NEPAD as the African-owned development strategy adopted in 2001 to drive the continent’s political and socio-economic transformation. The symposium was an opportunity for the African countries to officially launch the francophone space of the NEPAD/AUC APDev, which had been created by the NEPAD/AUC with the support of the UNDP regional centers of Dakar and Johannesburg
  • State of Capacity Development in Africa Report: Organized under the auspices of the NEPAD/AUC, the Capacity Development Expert Pool meeting served to contribute to the formulation of the methodology and the questionnaire for the 2012 Africa Capacity Development Report (CDR).
  • Africa Post-Busan TWG: Following initial discussions at the francophone CoP meeting, the TWG served as a platform for African representatives (government, parliament and civil society) to ex change on the Post-Busan process, with a view to preparing and agreeing on the African positioning for negotiations at the Post-Busan Interim Group meeting - PBIG (4-5 April 2012 in Paris). Building on the momentum of preparations for Busan and the African Consensus , the AUC/NEPAD organized the TWG with the African stakeholders engaged around APDev. Specifically, the TWG looked at i) the proposed structure and governance of the Global Partnership, ii) the role of regional organizations, and iii) the proposed global monitoring framework. The conclusion of these three break-away groups will serve to inform the negotiations of Rwanda, Mali, South Africa and AUC/NEPAD, who represent the African region at the PBIG. The TWG also called upon the AUC to nominate an alternate for Mali to participate at the 4-5 April meeting.

Recommendations/Actions to be taken:

  1. Liaise with UNDP COs to support programme countries on the implementation of APDev at country level.
  2. Liaise with the UNDP COs on the CDR elaboration.
  3. Liaise with team in Seoul to ensure that Global Post-Busan platform and APDev are linked up effectively and respond to country needs.
  4. Liaise with UNDP/UNDG representatives at the PBIG to coordinate and inform positioning and negotiations in support of African priorities.
  5. Organize TC to discuss next steps on African MA standards, including linkages to DCF.