Corporate sustainability in Africa - Living in the water food energy nexus

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Publication Date: 
19 March 2012
Adele Olivier
Thematic thrusts: 
UN Millennium Development Goal: 
Ensure environmental sustainability

A rapidly rising global population and growing prosperity are putting unsustainable pressures on resources. Demand for water, food and energy is expected to rise by 30-50% in the next two decades, while economic disparities incentivize short-term responses in production and consumption that undermine long-term sustainability. Shortages could cause social and political instability, geopolitical conflict and irreparable environmental damage. Any strategy that focuses on one part of the water-food-energy nexus without considering its interconnections risks serious unintended consequences.

This conference aims to provide a platform for business to communicate directly with local, regional and global experts who are already immersed in the Water, Food, and Energy Nexus. The Water Food Energy Nexus is a global risk that will touch every person on this planet sooner or later. This conference aims to highlight the seriousness of the problem and explore potential solutions and strategies to mitigate and minimize the risks. The speakers approached for the conference are subject matter experts from both Public and Private Sector and also Lobby and interest groups. Many of the experts approached have already come out publically on the need to the global effort to be increased. Vital Training is of the belief that this conference has the capacity to go beyond the global industry leaders and into the business trenches.