DRM study report for Abidjan Multi-Stakeholder Regional Consultations towards Mexico - February 2014

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Publication Date: 
01 February 2014
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Domestic Resource Mobilization (DRM): NEPAD - UNECA Study

This case study includes the following topics:

  • Africa’s FfD CHALLENGES
  • Study Process Update
  • Resource Potential
  • Enabling Environment
  • Proposed Financial Intermediation Arrangements
  • Imperatives for Implementation
  • Development finance in Africa (US$ billions)
  • Proposed DRM Instruments
  • Mobilizing Sustainable Domestic Financial Resources: Key Elements
  • Average Cost of Remittances, WB estimate % to send USD200 average in Q12013
  • Broaden the Tax Base
  • Implementation of DRM Study Outcomes
  • Imperatives for Implementation