Economic Benefits of Open Data in Africa 2017

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01 March 2017
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Recent studies have suggested that open data policies could deliver significant economic benefitsfor both developed and developing countries. The African Development Bank has spearheaded the promotion and facilitation of open data policies in Africa. Indeed, in 2012, when the implementation of the open data approach was still in its infancyin many developed and developing countries, the  Statistics Department of the African DevelopmentBank launched the Africa Information Highway (AIH) initiative as part of its third-phase Statistical Capacity Building (SCB) program in African countries. This provided a data publishing platform for all its 54 African regional member countries. This paper was commissioned as a subsequent stage of this SCB work, in order to:

• Assess the economic value that is being created and/or could potentially be generatedby accelerating the adoption of the open data approach in Africa.

• Make recommendations for action to ensure that African countries maximize the full economic potential of open data.