Empowering Civil Society Organisations and Social Networks Organisations in an unequal multi-polar world, inequality and role of CSOS in public policy making

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Publication Date: 
25 October 2013
Thematic thrusts: 


We, the participants at the Empowering CSO Networks in an unequal multi polar world, inequality and the role of CSOs in public policy making, representing multi-thematic Civil Society(CSOs) organisations, research institutes from across South Africa gathered at the Parktonian Hotel and Conference Centre in Braamfontein, Johannesburg from the 08th - 09th October 2013 to deliberate on multi dimensions and structural issues of inequality in South Africa and agreed that we will embark on empowering the South African CSOs and Social Network Organisations to engage policy-makers on specific issues of inequality and Poverty.

We note with concern that South Africa despite being rich in natural resources and abundant water, the majority of the people still live under the extreme levels of inequality and poverty. We deliberated on the dynamics, nature and contributions of structural factors perpetuating inequality in our society. Through the work of discussion commissions, the participants resolved that our energies should be focused on policy advocacy work on the following thematic issues and sub-themes with view to identify key issues and possible interventions to address them:

  1. Economic Policy and Governance: The major issues under this pillar were Income Inequality, Economic Policy and Tax Justice, and the proposed interventions were in the line of economic policy and tax justice issues
  2. Land and Agrarian Reform: The major issues under this pillar were food security and livelihoods, Sovereignty and access to land. The proposed interventions were in the line of food security, and access to land.
  3. Social Protection: The major issues under this pillar were social protection, access to health and right to education. The proposed interventions were in the lines of health and the right to education.