Knowledge for Children in Eastern and Southern Africa - 2015 Publications Catalogue

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Publication Date: 
25 June 2015
UN Millennium Development Goal: 
Achieve universal primary education

Every year, UNICEF and its partners generate a wealth of evidence on the situation of children in ESA. This knowledge is essential for informing the development, monitoring and implementation of policies and programmes for the realization of children’s rights. 

The 2015 Publications Catalogue features over 130 reports and studies that UNICEF and its partners are generating on the situation of children and young people in the region. These reports and studies represent the collective knowledge produced by the 21 Country Offices and the Regional Office of UNICEF in the ESA region. They capture the work that UNICEF and its partners do to support children and young people realise their rights to survival, development and protection. 

The publications cover a wide range of topics organised in the Catalogue under the following categories:

  1. Situation of Child Rights: Child Poverty and Socio-Economic Development
  2. Social Protection
  3. Child Protection
  4. Maternal, New-born and Child Health
  5. Child Nutrition
  6. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  7. Education and early childhood development
  9. Adolescents
  10. Humanitarian Action, Resilience and Peace Building