Mapping tool for Regional CSOs, Networks/Coalitions working on development and human rights in the RESA Region

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Publication Date: 
02 October 2015
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Background and Context:

Plan International is currently starting up a new Regional project titled ‘Enhancing CSO effectiveness in the Region of Eastern and Southern Africa (RESA). The goal of the project is ‘CSO in the RESA region are increasingly effective in contributing to national, regional and Global decision making on issues of Development Effectiveness. The program foresees:-

(i) Regional Children, women and development effectiveness CSO platforms are coordinated and strengthened in the way they operate cross countries.

(ii) CSO regional networks in RESA have the capacity to advocate for Development effectiveness including for an enabling CSO legal environment in support for Children and women

(iii) Demonstrable effect of Plans capacity strengthening of partners while improving its accountability to partners.

Plan International seeks to strengthen its partnership with African based, regional and continental CSOs, networks and coalition working on Development Effectiveness; (young) Women regional networks, and, regional Child Rights networks. Plan believes that greater collaboration between these 3 subject specific networks will strengthen each other by ensuring that the Development effectiveness Agenda in and from RESA carries with it the Women and Child rights perspective, while the child Rights and Women networks and platforms benefit from the processes and outcomes of development effectiveness through, collaboration and joint advocacy, mutual learning and capacity development and resource allocation and utilization for the benefit of all. The collaboration will also ensure that any gains made in relation to the women and child agenda are protected and promoted but most importantly are implemented by the duty bearers at the national and regional levels.

The principles within the Development effectiveness arena have great potential to benefit women and children and their CSO formations if well implemented at the national and regional level. This can be achieved through collaboration by actors in the 3 sectors.

Note: Regional – sub – regional refers to organizations/ Networks and or Coalitions whose operational scope is beyond one country, and preferable within the defined Regional Economic Communities, while Pan African means those whose operation, scope and or focus is the A.U and/or Pan African institutions

Geographic Focus

Currently Plan will initially focused on CSO, Networks and coalitions based in, and or working in and on the Eastern and Southern Africa sub region. These could be focused on the A.U and other Pan African institutions and or the Regional Economic Communities (RECS) of East Africa Community (EAC) and or the South African Development Community (SADC)


This is a mapping exercise to help Plan International RESA, understand what CSOs, networks and coalitions exist and are active in the Development Effectiveness’ (young) women rights and Child rights arena within the identified geographical spaces with an aim of determining how to engage and work with them.



Kindly send your responses to so as to reach us on or before13 October, 2015.

Note: Those who have already submitted their response need not re-submit.