National Union for Small-Scale Farmers in Zambia

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Publication Date: 
04 April 2014
MS Elly Siakasasa Mwale
  1. OVERALL GOAL: Increased income & integrated interventions to grow farm enterprise.
  2. VISION:Women, Youth and Men participate in agriculture and earn a decent living without feeling marginalized
  3. MISSION: Decent agriculture to enhance livelihoods through integrated interventions, coordination, networking, lobby and advocacy, capacity building and environmentally sound agricultural practices.


  1. Promote, protect & advocate interests of Small Scale Framer through organized structures.
  2. Enhance integration to improve livelihoods & incomes of Small Scale Framer through access to inputs, mechanisation, information, market & finance.
  3. Promote environmentally friendly & economically sound agronomical practices
  4. Advocate and lobby
  5. Promote good governance