Olam Nigeria Limited: Insight into innovative business for profit maximization, employment generation and development of the farm sector

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Publication Date: 
01 January 2010
Oluwemimo Oluwasola

Olam Nigeria Limited, as the country arm of Olam International Limited is a supplier of raw and processed agricultural commodities. The main goal of the company is to maximize value for its share holders and keep the company in business by increasing the capital base of the enterprise, increasing its rate of profitability, ensuring growth, and extending the competitive advantage it has over other competitors in the agribusiness sector to be able to sustain its growth over time. The company's business portfolio cuts across the total product supply chain from procurement of farm products to distribution, using a network of local buying agents, primary processing facilities and logistics. Established in 1989, Olam International sources its products from countries where it operates and sells these products worldwide to over 6,500 customers in 55 end markets. Olam International is highly diversified with direct presence across 60 countries and the business operations are organized around 17 products/business?units.

Citation: Oluwasola, Oluwemimo. "Olam Nigeria Limited: Insight into Innovative Business for Profit Maximization, Employment Generation and Development of the Farm Sector." GIM Case Study No. B084. New York: United Nations Development Programme, 2010