Pilot programme for enhancing the use of Country Results Frameworks

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Publication Date: 
01 January 2015
Global Partnership Initiative on Results & Mutual Accountability (GPIR&MA)

The aim of the 2-year pilot programme is to reconcile the international agreement of using partner Country Results Frameworks (CRF) as the basis for development programming (GPEDC Indicator 1), with the need from DPs to acquire their own (aggregate) results information.

Outputs of the pilot will be:

  • Practical recommendations on how to improve the use of partner country results frameworks
  • Practical recommendations on how to integrate accountability for results at the country level into the post-2015 development agenda; how to create effective country-region-global linkages

The pilot will work with 4-5 countries per region (Africa, Asia, Latin-America) in which the regional offices will play the facilitating and coordinating role. Related activities, e.g. by OECD/DAC and the MfDR developments will be taken into account. In order to enter in a realistic dialogue, each participating country will invite 2-3 donor agencies to join the discussions.

The pilot will follow an iterative approach: country experiences feed into cross-country learning and regional discussions. Conclusions from regional discussions will be fed back to all participating countries and policy advice provided to the Global partnership.

The pilot addresses both technical and political issues: the CRF needs to provide technically sound information and at the same time it needs to be supported by politicians from partner and donor countries. Since the time of the participating managers will be scarce, already existing (regional) meetings will be used to plan the discussions. Total costs are ± €500,000.