Recommendations of Energy Expert Group Meeting, June 2014

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Publication Date: 
19 June 2014

The Expert Group meeting, EGM, was jointly organized by NEPAD Agency (NPCA) and UNDP in partnership with AUC and AFDB towards fostering the implementation of National Action Plans as Africa’s response to SE4ALL. This is based on the recommendations made by Africa Energy Stakeholder Workshop held in September 2012 to consider Africa’s overall response to SE4ALL.

The September 2012 Africa workshop recognized the gap that exists in the timely accessing of required information on SE4ALL from global level down to country level and vice versa to advance country priority energy projects. Emphasis was placed on the need to develop an African mechanism to fill this gap.

The EGM comprised the AUC, NPCA, EAC (representative of RECs), Country Representatives (Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho, and Gambia), Development Partners (UNDP and UNIDO), Civil Society and Energy Experts.

The EGM was held to consider the Consultant report on setting up the Africa Information and Communication Network (AICN) for SE4ALL which covered among other topics, Network Structure and its interface with existing networks at regional and continental levels, network operation and management, working plan, resources required for setting up the network and network sustainability.

The gathering recognizes the importance of timely access and sharing the required information on advancing SE4ALL, implementing the country priority energy projects and welcomes the setting up of AICN in this regard.

The EGM found the report (Strategy Document on Energy Information and Communication Network for SE4ALL in Africa) very useful in the provision of the essential elements and the roadmap required for setting up the much needed AICN for SE4ALL

The EGM endorses the report recommendation that the network should be simple in structure but efficient in operation and ensure that the required information needed at National, Regional, Continental and Global levels is timely provided and made accessible. The flow of information from the global level down to country level and vice versa in relation to implementation of Country SE4ALL High Priority Projects should be ensured.The EGM noted that the network will be based at focal points at National level and the norm that the Focal Points will be the respective Ministries responsible for Energy or an institution proposed by the Ministries in consultation with stakeholders (Relevant Ministries, Private Sector, Civil Society and R&D institutions).

The EGM recognizes that the Network will build on existing networks and institutions and not to create new institutions. Additionally, the capabilities and capacities of the networks and institutions on the ground should be fully utilized towards achieving the objective of efficient and timely flow of required information from global level down to country level and vice versa.

The EGM reiterates the CEMA decision to utilize the AUC/NEPAD Africa Platform for Development Effectiveness (APDev) as the portal for the AICN. This will be assisted by SE4ALL country and regional focal points and other relevant networks, e.g., Africa Energy Commission (AFREC). Further, the EGM requests the Hub and other partners to effectively capacitate APDev to carry out this additional function. Additionally, the EGM requests the national and regional focal points to provide comprehensive lists of their stakeholders to APDev for inclusion into the network structure.

The EGM recommends that the AICN should be considered as the first building block in the creation of a robust inclusive Network to provide information on energy in the framework of AU Agenda 2063. The initial phase will focus on SE4ALL and advancing the implementation of country priority energy projects.

The EGM also recommends that the Network shall serve to enhance the work of the Africa SE4ALL Hub by helping to align the Hub’s activities to the AU Agenda 2063 and Africa’s Post-2015 Development Agenda.

The EGM further made comments and valuable inputs to enrich the Strategy Document as detailed in the Workshop Report.

The EGM calls upon AUC and NPCA, being the core African Institutions at continental level, in liaison with the Africa SE4All Coordination Hub hosted at AFDB to ensure the finalization of the Strategy Document, its endorsement by CEMA and its implementation.