Rwanda aid policy

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Publication Date: 
26 July 2006
Thematic thrusts: 

At a global level, increasing attention has been accorded to the issue of aid effectiveness. The Rome and Paris Declarations - to which Rwanda is a signatory - set a basis for the development of partnerships that will improve the way in which development assistance is delivered and utilised.

Rwanda has made significant achievements in its recovery from the genocide and war of 1994, and in promoting peaceful and equitable social and economic development. External assistance has played a crucial role in Rwanda's progress over the last decade, and will continue to do so in the years to come. Whilst external assistance a decade ago came predominantly in the form of emergency humanitarian assistance, the gradual restoration of order, stability, and national institutions ensued, and the Government is now in a position to assert genuine ownership and leadership in development activities - and the external resources on which they rely - in Rwanda. This document sets out the Government of Rwanda's vision for improved aid management, and those policies which will turn this vision into reality.