Statement by network of African parliamentarians (NAP) (as endorsed by the conference of SADC parliamentary forum, Mozambique parliament and AWEPA held in Maputo, 3-5 May 2011)

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A Conference convened by the African Union, NEPAD and the African Development Bank in Tunis on 4-5 November 2010 debated the failure of foreign aid to significantly reduce poverty in Africa. While it was recognised that many African countries relied on Aid for various programmes, including budget support, the view emerged that the time had come to try to overcome aid dependency by increasing the development capability within our countries. Hence aid could serve as a catalyst for development. The focus should henceforth shift from "aid effectiveness" as set out in the Paris Declaration process to "development effectiveness". This approach was elaborated at a conference convened by the African Union and Nepad at the UN Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa on 27 March 2011 in a document "African Platform for Development Effectiveness". The Network for African Parliamentarians (NAP) participated in these meetings and fully endorses the new position. It is committed to promote the position among Parliamentarians across Africa.


1.1 Formerly known as the NEPAD Contact Group of African Parliamentarians (NCGAP), the Network of African Parliamentarians (NAP) was formed in Nairobi, Kenya in August 2003 as the result of a request by Prof. Nkuhlu, then Head of the NEPAD Secretariat. It soon emerged that many concerned parliamentarians across Africa wanted to ensure that all parliaments were fully engaged in the NEPAD process and NCGAP spent the following years in doing so.

1.2 The NAP currently consists of a network of over 100 African parliamentarians, chaired by Professor Ben Turok MP South African with Dr Odette Nyiramilimo, MP EALA. With a membership of engaged parliamentarians across Africa, the NAP is a unique initiative which meets to report back on parliamentary actions on relevant issues in regional and national parliaments, and which keeps members informed about NEPAD and development issues through regular information bulletins.  NAP has been deeply involved in the Paris Declaration process and has cooperated with the Nepad Secretariat, the Pan African Parliament and AWEPA during this period...