Africa Platform heartily welcomes all traders, beginners as well as professional, who land on its homepage. We are really happy to see you here, and we appreciate your interest in the Africa Platform project. If you are looking for the best Forex brokers for South African traders, you have arrived at the right place.

About Us

We are a team of traders who are eager to help other traders. We have several years of experience trading a wide range of financial instruments. We are also experts in advocating and supporting top-rated online brokers and driving high quality traffic to their portals.

Our experience and expertise makes use qualified to provide authentic, high-quality guidance to traders who need it. Our job is to not only identify and review the best online brokers for Forex and CFD trading, but also to provide helpful trading guides to beginners. In other words, we provide the latest, the best quality, and updated information about binary options platforms, CFD brokers, trading strategies & tips, robots, FX bonus offers, promotions, and industry news.

The trading industry is loaded with scam, and we want to protect traders from rogue companies. One of our aims is to expose scam sites so that no trader will ever fall a prey to them.

What Makes Us Different?

We are different because we welcome your opinion. You are free to speak your mind on Africa Platform, as long as you avoid abusive language and spam. We don’t mind even if you criticize a product we advocate because we are interested only in the truth. On the other hand, we invite a representative of the criticized broker to come forward and try to resolve the issue. This way, we serve as bridge between traders and brokers.

Broker Reviews: How We Review and Rate Brokers

Our focus is on providing unbiased and comprehensive reviews of the best Forex and CFD Trading platforms in the industry. We spend several days in researching a broker before actually reviewing it. Members of our team actually sign up at an online broker, trade on its platforms, test its customer service, and check out withdrawal and deposit speed before recommending it to other traders.

We consider the following factors before reviewing and rating online brokers:

  1. Regulation
  2. Trading Platforms
  3. Trading Tools
  4. Financial Instruments
  5. Customer Support
  6. Educational Material
  7. Safety & Security

We also interact with the other traders on the site and make sure that nobody has any serious complaints about the broker. In other words, we support only those brokers that are licensed, well-regulated, and enjoy a flawless reputation.

Affiliation and Risk Disclaimer

Africa Platform is an affiliate site. Our job is to provide honest, unbiased, and exhaustive reviews of binary options platforms, financial services, and Forex brokers. In addition, we also provide articles with in-depth information about trading strategies, automated trading, tips, and other information related to trading. Our aim is to expose scam and fraud. Our most unique feature is our willingness to serve as a voice for traders, to make their opinions heard in the community.

But you must understand that we receive fixed payments or revenue share from the Forex brokers we promote, review, and rate on this website. Although we get paid for advocating Forex brokers, we take care to be as unbiased as possible. For this reason, we allow readers to post their comments and opinions. If you don’t agree with something we say in our review, you are free to voice your opinion, provide feedback, add information, point out mistakes, agree or disagree. We just don’t tolerate spam or abuse.

You must also understand that Africa Platform is not an online broker. Instead, we are an independent and comprehensive source of trading information. We simply want to present reliable and authentic information about the top Forex brokers in the industry so that you can not only trade, but also learn more about trading.

The Forex market attracts millions of South African traders. Most of these traders do not understand properly the risks associated with trading. They don’t even know how to select the right broker. Owing to lack of knowledge and proper guidance, these traders lose their deposits and turn away from the market in disappointment. Our desire is to prevent this from happening.
Although we are an affiliate site, our intention is to provide reliable information about online Forex brokers and their financial products. We also want to protect South African traders and investors from fraud companies. To protect our readers from losing their money, we highlight high-risk products and trading practices. Also, we blacklist shady companies and persuade our visitors to never sign up at such services.

We do earn money by advocating CFD & Forex brokers, but we take care to promote only licensed companies that enjoy excellent reputation.